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Insurance from Americans for Financial Security - Baltimore, MD

Insphere Insurance Solutions® is pleased to market association membership from Americans for Financial Security (AFS).

The objective of AFS is simple: To help small-business owners, individuals, and families across the country by offering them the same types of advantages available to big businesses. AFS is dedicated to the idea that all Americans – whether they live in the hustle and bustle of the city or in the wide expanse of the rural countryside – are entitled to a comfortable lifestyle. With this in mind, AFS uses the negotiating power of its membership to obtain benefits at reduced rates and put them together in an affordable package.

AFS provides members with access to a wide range of money-saving benefits for personal and professional expenses.* The association offers access to benefits that help entrepreneurs run a successful business, such as legal services, credit and debit card processing, and business and tax advice. Lifestyle benefits available to members include travel discounts and identity theft resolution. Some of the most popular AFS benefits include access to health insurance and other programs that help members save on their health care needs. AFS focuses on providing timely, valuable benefits and services that help provide members with protection, security and peace-of-mind.

*Benefit availability dependent upon membership level, package option, and state of residence and is subject to change.

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