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Insurance from SureBridge - Baltimore, MD

Insphere Insurance Solutions® distributes the SureBridge® portfolio of supplemental insurance products underwritten by The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company®. SureBridge offers Dental and Vision plans and a range of affordable supplemental insurance plans that complement an individual’s health insurance. These plans help provide an additional layer of protection in the event of accidental injury, catastrophic illness, hospitalization or cancer.

Supplemental insurance is easy to understand: Your health insurance policy pays your doctor and hospital and supplemental insurance plans pay you! SureBridge supplemental insurance helps individuals reduce the financial risks associated with accidents, illness and hospitalizations with either a lump sum or daily cash benefit, paid directly to you, when you experience a covered sickness or accidental injury. Use the cash for the mortgage, your bills, or to cover other unexpected out-of-pocket medical costs.

While it’s true you can’t always prevent illness, injury or accidents: you can plan how those events will affect your financial security. SureBridge’s supplemental insurance goes beyond what health insurance alone can cover to help provide extra financial protection when you need it most.

Disclosure: SureBridge® is a brand name used for supplemental insurance products underwritten, and administered, by The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company®.

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